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What is that?


      It is a material inspiring to create and to make changes. All the visions and ideas of a designer can be put into practice. Working with the artificial stone there are no projects impossible to execute and no shapes impossible to manufacture. The possibilities are practically unlimited, starting with kitchen worktops and finishing with a complex design hotel lobby. This invention is the result of the time-tested synthesis of stone covers and modern technology. When you touch the material it feels like warm, natural stone, creating the sense of coziness. Connection of individual elements can’t be seen with a naked eye. For this reason, a monolithic object of any size can be manufactured. By using some certain technological solutions, you can bend almost any shape out of artificial stone.

     Artificial stone is widely used in the most successful interior design projects. The works of architects and designers, where this material is used, are increasingly more acknowledged. In the nearest future, artificial stone will be a part of every house, because there is no other substance which could be compared to artificial stone by its universality.  

      Artificial stone possesses practically all the good qualities of natural materials, and has no flaws attributed to natural stone.  



      Artificial stone is a composite material obtained by mixing several materials with different physical and chemical characteristics. Those components include: binder (acrylic, polyester resin or their mixture), aggregate and additives. The type of aggregate depends upon the manufacturer and the required result. So, it can be: mineral aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, whitewash, quartz, crushed glass, granite dust, etc. In most cases there is from 40% to 80% of aggregate. All the previously mentioned types of aggregates are environmentally friendly, as those are substances found in nature or extracted from natural materials. As an example – aluminum hydroxide is used making toothpaste as an abrasive material. Although the name of this material sounds complicated, it is a natural mineral, which enters our mouths every day. The composition of artificial stone does not include heavy metals or halogens – it is an ecological product of mineral origin. Artificial stone is a totally nonflammable material. The best known manufacturers and products are: DuPont Corian, DuPont Montelli, Samsung Staron, LG Hi-Macs, Hanex, Wilsonart, Avonite, etc.


         Artificial stone is nonporous material, so dirt and bacteria do not accumulate on the surface. In medical institutions sterility of surfaces is very important, as one of the ways for contagious diseases to spread is through the surfaces. Using artificial stone in the interior of medical institutions, the risk that the surface will not be fully disinfected decreases.  

      Artificial stone leaves factories in the shape of panels. Various dimensions possible. The most usual dimensions 3658mm x 762 mm. Optional width: 6mm, 12mm, 20mm. This dimension also depends on the manufacturer. There are manufacturers, making 30mm width panels of artificial stone. 



      Subsequently, based on the project, panels are cut into smaller elements, bent, connected to each other, polished, processed until the necessary form and the level of processing are obtained.