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Ltd ‚Komforto sprendimai‘ – a limited liability company.

The main activities – manufacturing and sales of products made of artificial stone.

 -- Kitchen surfaces (worktops, tables, windowsills, etc.);

 -- Bathroom zone surfaces (countertops of unit furniture, showers, etc.);

 -- Interior details (niche details, furniture elements, stair treads, etc.);

 -- Surfaces of public objects (worktops of banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, laboratories, etc.).

      It is usually more difficult to correct mistakes than to do everything right from the beginning. It applies to all spheres. Doesn’t matter if it is construction or other types of works. Correcting the mistakes usually costs a lot of nerves and financial resources – it is the result of the lack of knowledge. It is difficult to make the right first choice, because these days, the abundance of possibilities simply gets one lost in the labyrinth of choices. So, in order to save some time, the best choice is to pass the work to the professionals. Our task is to help You make the right choice related to artificial stones.

The main values of the company:

     -- Reliability;
     -- Professionalism;
     -- Respect to the client;
     -- Quality of products.

We implement those projects where elements of an artificial stone are used. Whether it is a surface of hard furniture or a complicated, complex design project.

LIKALI – is a brand of Ltd ‘Komforto sprendimai’, which confirms that the product was manufactured and sold, taking into account the company’s values. A product with the before mentioned brand is of a high quality. Ltd. ‘Komfortosprendimai’ are the only ones holding the right to use this brand with their products.

A perfect whole consists of perfect details.